Now, just because you have never done blow off the belly of a dead hooker does not make me the bad person.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sprung on Spring!

  I am not the type of person that goes all spring crazy, but I do find myself slamming my head against the wall of winter in the Gulf-o-Mexico and praying for the heat I crave. I crave the green plants, the flowers blooming and the smell of a thousand blossoms I will never know the name of. All the things I love about the South.
  The Gulf will soon be warm enough for swimming and the dreams of water will stop again. No more pitiful trips to the beach to stare at the freezing waves where occasionally I will even work up the nerve to get my feet wet. The water from the Gulf is incredibly warm and soft, natures version of a dirty hot tub, but with a lot more jelly fish then normal tubs.
  I am crossing my fingers that nothing will stand in the way of me and the Gulf this year, last year was a boring bowl of shit because of man made disasters, this year? I want my beach life.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Comfort "Zombie" Food

Clotted Blood CC with Aged Puss filling and rotted butter icing.

   As Husband focuses on the yard, I direct my attention to the kitchen. As in, baking Halloween themed treats. I am not into the idea of worms Ala spaghetti or brains stew but devils food cupcakes filled with pumpkin and cream cheese, topped with vanilla butter cream or white cupcakes(known from here on out as CC) filled with raspberry compote and topped with chocolate cream cheese icing.
   Now to be honest, I did give both of those CC's gross out names for my 13 yr olds bday. The devils food cake became Clotted Blood CC with Aged Puss filling, the white CC became Bone Dust CC with a chilled Jellied Brain filling and topped with clotted blood.
See? I can slap you with the gory stick when need be!

  But other gore filled treats?

My Zomb-Egg's can kick the yellow goo out of your deviled eggs.

 While my Dead Man's finger and toes, will slaughter your bread sticks...   
The gangrenous puss and sludge dipping sauces for the dead man finger and toes.

On top of these Zombie treats and tricks (corny? OH HELL YES!) I have been making chocolate skull lollipops and these... Spider cakes and Spider bites. Which are really... Butter pecan cakes and mini CC topped with vanilla butter cream (dyed orange) black iced webs and black sugar sprinkles.

A piece of Spider Cake
Spider Bite
Spider bite with deep purple butter pecan cake... 
So that is that for now I need to go plan out how I am going to make the peanut butter/chocolate skull lollipops while I watch my ass spread.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Let the party begin... in September.

I tell ya, the curve balls of life are pretty odd. By no means did the catcher call this life for me and yet here it is.  Luckily, I love my life even if I do not always understand it.  But I do understand one thing Halloween. So here we are and where this is going to go I have no fucking clue but when have I?